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Gericault.  Paris : Réunion des Musées Nationaux, cop. 1991.   ISBN 2-7118-2376-8.
Call Number(s): P 18871
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Monet / Rodolphe Rapetti.  Milano : Editorial Giogio Mondadori, cop. 1990.
Call Number(s): P 18872
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Nordic dawn : Modernism's awakening in Finland, 1890-1920 / edited by Stephan Koja ; with contributions by Leena Ahtola-Moorhouse... [et al.].  Munich (etc.) : Prestel, cop. 2005.   ISBN 3-7913-6044-2.
Call Number(s): P 18873
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Greece through the lens of Takis Tloupas / Antonis Karkayiannis, George Ch. Chourmouziadis ; transl. David Hardy.  Athens : Kapon Editions : Benaki Museum, cop. 2005.   ISBN 960-7037-67-7.
Call Number(s): FT 5763
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Surimono : poetry & image in japanese prints / text Charlotte van Rappard-Boon, Lee Bruschke-Johnson ; transl. Keiko van Bremen-Ito... [et al.] ; editor Mark Poysden.  Leiden : Hotei Publishing ; Amsterdam : Rijksmuseum, cop. 2000.   ISBN 90-74822-34-7.
Call Number(s): GR 1739
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Creativity in art and science, 1860-1960 / Edward B. Henning.  Ohio : Cleveland Museum of Art ; Bloomington : Indiana University Press, cop. 1987.   ISBN 0-910386-91-9.
Call Number(s): AHG 4265
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Pierre Bonnard : the graphic art / Colta Ives, Helen Giambruni, Sasha M. Newman.  New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art : distributed by Harry N. Abrams, cop. 1989.   ISBN 0-87099-567-7.   ISBN 0-8109-3100-1.
Call Number(s): GR 1740
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Art graphique d'Ensor en confrontation.  Gand : Snoeck-Ducaju ; Anvers : Pandora, 1999.   ISBN 905325-215-0.
Call Number(s): GR 1741
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The Second Empire 1852-1870 : art in France under Napoleon III / coord. and edited by George H. Marcus.  Philadelphia : Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1978.
Call Number(s): AHP 11291
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Henri Matisse : Figur farbe Raum / herausgegeben von Pia Müller-Tamm ; mit texten von Gottfried Boehm... [et al.].  Ostfildern-Ruit : Hatje Cantz, 2005.   ISBN 3-7757-1601-7.
Call Number(s): AHP 11292
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